01 – Finders Geekers Podcast



First episode!

Featured articles and links discussed:

Finders Geekers hosts Aron, Lei, and Vahn. Recorded on 9 February 2014.



One thought on “01 – Finders Geekers Podcast

  1. Reblogged this on doraymanlalakbay and commented:
    Finders Geekers first episode is up!

    Finders Geekers is our first attempt in doing a podcast. We figured that since we usually hang out to discuss just about anything geeky, it might be a good idea to at least share our thoughts with others. Our topics will mainly be about anime, video games, and otaku culture but we’ll try to include movies and books as well.

    Again, this is our first attempt so please do bear with us. We hope to improve over the next few podcasts so feedback will be much appreciated.

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