04 – That Drunken Episode! | Finders Geekers Podcast


On this episode of Finders Geekers, we became beer connoisseurs in honor of St. Patrick as we drunkenly talk about our favorite mature anime and manga titles, drunken characters and their best moments, and personal foreign beer picks.

And yes, this is our LONGEST EPISODE ever!

Nyanko - Natsume Yuujinchou



Post-recording notes:

Finders Geekers hosts: Lei, Aron, and Vahn. Recorded on 15 March 2014.



03 – So Hot Episode! | Finders Geekers Podcast


Join us for our third episode as we discuss the latest anime, manga, gaming and events news, as well as our favorite fire-based anime/game characters.

Finders Geekers host Lei, and Aron, with guest host Arbee. Recorded on 1 March 2014.