12 – Catch-Up Episode | Finders Geekers Podcast


Soo, did you miss us? I know we’ve been off the air for too long so we’re back with tons of anime, gaming, and fandom news!

Finders Geekers Podcast # 12 – Catch-Up Episode LISTEN:

Post-recording notes: Finders Geekers podcast episode 12  is hosted by Lei, together with Vahn and Aron. Today’s music selections:

  • Can Do by Grand Rodeo from Kuroko no Basket
  • Kundiman by Silent Sanctuary
  • Trigger by Yuuki Ozaki from Zankyou no Terror
  • Want You Gone by Jonathan Culton from Portal 2



2 thoughts on “12 – Catch-Up Episode | Finders Geekers Podcast

    • Hi Julius,

      Sorry for the late reply, we’ve been busy hence the hiatus. Thank you so much for the podcast mention on your article! Really appreciate it man. Never thought anyone outside our circle of friends listen to our wacky recordings.

      Finders Geekers team

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