16.1 – The Spring 2015 Episode | Finders Geekers Podcast (Season 2)


What are the most anticipated spring anime for 2015?

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Host: Aron

Researcher: Lei

Editor: Vahn

Intro music: ‘Billy’s Bounce’ by jazz-goa (http://bit.ly/billysbounce)

Intermission music: ‘Saturday Night – 80’s Disco Funk Background Music’ by Nicolai Heidlas (http://bit.ly/saturdaynight80s)

Intro and intermission music are CC by license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/).

Anime and/or game music used under Fair Use.


15.2 | Halloween Special – Finders Geekers


Ready for the real deal? This is where things get serious. Welcome to the second part of our Halloween special where we talk about our favorite horror media, all things that scare us, and our paranormal encounters.

15.2 - Halloween Special | Finders Geekers


You can listen to the first part here: Episode 15 part 1:

Post-recording notes: Finders Geekers podcast episode 15 is hosted by Aron, together with Vahn and Lei, with guest hosts Ada and Ems.

Today’s music selections:

  • Ake ni Somaru from Jigouku Shoujo
  • Jouzai from Elfen Lied
  • Dante from Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Misa no Uta from Death Note
  • Dollhouse from Kuroshitsuji
  • Fushigi Purupuru Pururin Denpa version from Welcome to the NHK



15.1 – (Not so) Halloween Special | Finders Geekers Podcast


Your favorite Finders Geekers hosts are back!

For this episode, we’ve got two lovely guest hosts joining us – returning guest host Ada and first-time guest host Ems – to cover all our missed news and updates during the past months of hiatus.

15.1 - (Not so) Halloween Special | Finders Geekers PodcastLISTEN:

Just an FYI. Starting this podcast, we will be breaking down our episodes into two parts – first part for all your anime, gaming, and geek news while part two will be for the roundtable discussion of the episode’s main topic. We know how hard it is to download a 80+ MB episode in one go so we’re making it easier for you guys by cutting it in half.

So be sure to watch out for the second part of episode 15, to be released this coming Friday!


Post-recording notes: Finders Geekers podcast episode 14 is hosted by Aron, together with Vahn and Lei..

Today’s music selections:

  • I’ll Be There For You by The Remembrandts from FRIENDS
  • Oyashiro-sama – Higurashi No Naka Koro Ni


14 – FG plays P.T. | Finders Geekers Podcast


14 - FG plays PT | Finders GeekersWe’re back from the dead. Well, almost.

After gazillion years, a new episode is up! Join us as we attempt to finish the famous P.T., talk about our favorite heroes, freak ourselves out with more P.T. and discuss our views on Filipino-dubbed anime.


Post-recording notes: Finders Geekers podcast episode 14 is hosted by Aron, together with Vahn and Lei.

Today’s music selections:

  • Silent Hill Intro song on PlayStation
  • Don’t Speak Her Name by Yuka Tsujiyoku from Fire Emblem Awakening on the Nintendo 3DS
  • Heavenly Blue by Kalafina from Aldnoah Zero
  • Filipino opening song of Cyborg Kuro-chan by Salbakuta
  • Coolish Walk from Working Season 2


12 – Catch-Up Episode | Finders Geekers Podcast


Soo, did you miss us? I know we’ve been off the air for too long so we’re back with tons of anime, gaming, and fandom news!

Finders Geekers Podcast # 12 – Catch-Up Episode LISTEN:

Post-recording notes: Finders Geekers podcast episode 12  is hosted by Lei, together with Vahn and Aron. Today’s music selections:

  • Can Do by Grand Rodeo from Kuroko no Basket
  • Kundiman by Silent Sanctuary
  • Trigger by Yuuki Ozaki from Zankyou no Terror
  • Want You Gone by Jonathan Culton from Portal 2


11 – The Back-To-School Episode | Finders Geekers Podcast


Hi Geekers! 11th episode is here!

We’re back from a short hiatus! And we’re starting this episode with some post-E3 discussion and Toycon thoughts, followed by a look-back to our favorite anime school moments.


Post-recording notes:

Finders Geekers hosts: Lei, Aron, and Vahn. Recorded on 28 June 2014.


10 – What It Means to be Geeky | Finders Geekers Podcast


Hooray for our 10th episode!

Finders Geekers Podcast # 10 - What It Means To Be Geeky

And to celebrate this milestone (ehem, ehem), we’re opening this episode with some roundtable geeky Q&A’s featuring our favorite geeky things.

The annual E3 event is coming up! Let’s hear it from our resident Sony and Nintendo (fanboys) enthusiasts as they discuss their predictions and wishlist for this year’s E3.

Due to some technical errors, no pre-E3 discussion will be on this episode but watch out for our upcoming mini episode this week – the E3 Special Coverage!


Post-recording notes:

Finders Geekers hosts: Lei, Aron, and Vahn. Recorded on 8 June 2014.