14 – FG plays P.T. | Finders Geekers Podcast


14 - FG plays PT | Finders GeekersWe’re back from the dead. Well, almost.

After gazillion years, a new episode is up! Join us as we attempt to finish the famous P.T., talk about our favorite heroes, freak ourselves out with more P.T. and discuss our views on Filipino-dubbed anime.


Post-recording notes: Finders Geekers podcast episode 14 is hosted by Aron, together with Vahn and Lei.

Today’s music selections:

  • Silent Hill Intro song on PlayStation
  • Don’t Speak Her Name by Yuka Tsujiyoku from Fire Emblem Awakening on the Nintendo 3DS
  • Heavenly Blue by Kalafina from Aldnoah Zero
  • Filipino opening song of Cyborg Kuro-chan by Salbakuta
  • Coolish Walk from Working Season 2